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devil in disguise


seeing people talk about their own abuse gives me courage to speak out about mine, so i made this playlist so i could hopefully start to heal from my experience.

i was abused by my cousin from the time i was 6 to the time i was 11. she was five years older than me. when i turned 12 she told me not to tell anyone about what she'd done or we'd both get into trouble, but she's only protecting herself. she acts like it's all over but it never really ends, does it?
TW: track 3 contains some graphic descriptions of physical abuse

(art by yuri shwedoff)

12 tracks
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You're very brave for coming out and this is a very good playlist. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this. I love it so much. From one survivor to another.

@queenofthelesbians im happy you like it! i made it so i could maybe help others like me cope with their trauma, and i hope it served its purpose. thank you so much! i wish you the best