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take your meds, kid


the will graham aesthetic is sitting on your porch at midnight. you can't remember what happened yesterday, but you aren't worried. it's summer. the night is warm and the crickets are loud. your dogs come out to comfort you and you smile because it's the simple things that matter most once you've lost yourself. you feel at home even knowing that you might not wake up in the same place tomorrow.

this one tends to focus more on will's origins (his general character - the good and the bad), his childhood and his home life (wolf trap, his dogs, fishing). some featured bands are modest mouse, the front bottoms, and death cab for cutie.

thank you for listening all the way thru if you do! i put a lot of care into this playlist so it means a lot!

19 tracks
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@Cthulhu-ish thank you! im so happy everyone likes it so much. i hope will would like them too, he seems to be a pretty down to earth guy behind all the struggles that keep tormenting him