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LA K-pop Festival


Set list of performances at the April 12, 2014 KBS Open Concert. Excludes classical performances and some English covers.

For those who might not have been able to go, and to those who have post-concert depression, because I sure do.

**updated 150508**
- added "If I Can't Have You" cover by 2pm x Sistar
- can''t find CNBlue's "Can't Stop"

*missing Dynamic Duo's "Fireworks"
CNBlue's "Can't Stop"
2PM's "Hot"
SHINee's "Beautiful"

22 tracks
2 comments on LA K-pop Festival

Lol you must've had so much fun!!! I saw a few fancams on Youtube but I hope there's a concert like this in NYC soon!~ Thanks for playlist!!

I did, it was amazing! I know KBS held something similar in 2011, so I hope you can experience it, too~ And no prob! I wish I could put the English covers they did, too!

ENGLISH COVERS??!!! That's awesome!!! Any dance solos?? Lol I know I would be looking forward to that! Any artist you especially wish was there?

Yeah, here's a fan account I wrote with the set list at the end: http://haluhaloisa.tumblr.com/post/82667847301 No dance solos, but some groups performed together! Infinite was the group that got me into K-pop, and honestly, a majority of the groups were faves of mine!

Other groups I really like are fairly new/rookies, like GOT7 and BTS, haha, but hopefully they'll perform overseas in the future!

You went to One Great Step? Me too! Lol Infinite must've been so GREAT like the other artists. So thanks for this playlist!! Are you going to B.A.P Live on Earth in L.A?

I wasn't able to go, haha, because that's the week I started liking them for some strange reason (I blame "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" and Myungsoo's handsomeness). But Infinite made me such a proud Inspirit, haha. And I don't think so, I haven't listened to them much.