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I'm studying for my chemistry semester exam, and after a severe amount of stress, finding this gem has helped me gain some peace and stay focused. Thank you so much for compiling it! And I must say, some of these tracks I had never heard, but I loved them so much I added them to my own music collection. Thank you!

I love this playlist. I always listen to it when I have a lot of homework. It is so relaxing and helps me concentrate!

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"We're sorry, our music license requires us to limit the number of times you can play a particular mix in an 8-hour period." Too bad :-(.. would have love to play it one more time :-D

I really feel like you've compiled some of the best piano pieces into one playlist. It is like a pretty cupcake wrapped in a neat bow. Much needed when studying for exams. Thanks!

This has been my study music and my walk-in-between-study-time-so-I-don't-kill-myself music and it makes me feel peaceful and nostalgic, and a whole host of other emotions lol. Thank you.

@me-yay4crap-99807 I'm honestly so happy that you left this comment and I'm so glad that you enjoy this playlist! (YOUR COMMENT MAKES ME SO SO HAPPY I'M!!!! SCREAMING THANK YOU!!!!!) Hope you have a great day! :-)

This is gorgeous. I'm on a project of design for university and this just makes the best companion for the long hours i've to spend on it. Really relaxing and idea's boost. I love it. Thank you!