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i forget where we were


"he's a lover and you're a soldier, but he fights for you and you don't know why"

a mix for the boys that didn't know that love is war

9 tracks
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This mix is A+. The cover art sets it apart (and even resembles their relationship omg) , the songs follow so well and you took the effort to make annotations which really paid off. I wish I could listen to it in order every time! Thank you for it!

@heatherogeneous Thank you so much! A Separate Peace is my favorite book and I really wanted to do it justice. Yeah, the one thing I dislike about 8tracks is that the order gets screwed up when you listen to a mix again. I put the tracks in a specific order and it really messes that up :/

@handcoversrouge do you have a tumblr post or list of the original track order? That way it can be remembered witch songs are supposed to go where at least. A Separate Peace is my faveorite book as well, I think you did it great justice!

@heatherogeneous i don't have a tumblr post (just because i didn't think anyone who follows me would be interested) but here's the track list in its intended order: please don't say you love me by gabrielle aplin, blue jeans and white t-shirts by the gaslight anthem, rivers in your mouth by ben howard, sundowning by aqualung, i forget where we were by ben howard, madness by maria mena, shiva by the antlers, epilogue by the antlers, autumn leaves by ed sheeran