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An Introvert's Paradise: Piano Covers


Step 1: Open http://rainymood.com in a new tab
Step 2: Press play on this playlist
Step 3: Study or write or relax or do some other quiet activity
Step 4: Enjoy

An hour of tracks to get you through that term paper, including covers of Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and more. It's all slow and chill, no worries.

Also, 8tracks wouldn't let me keep the artist name because a lot of these tracks are by the same person. You can check him out at http://soundcloud.com/pianoman_weddings

20 tracks
4 comments on An Introvert's Paradise: Piano Covers

This is amazing! Thank you so much. Just what I needed to finally get down to working. :D It makes me so happy to have the rain soundtrack in the background.