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Your playlist are my absolute favs!!

Where did you got Psalm 86 and 46?? I'm trying to find Applegate Psalm Project in iTunes and through Google without success :(

I'm glad you're digging it! Psalms Project was a local thing from Applegate Christian Fellowship. They were the Saturday night worship team for a couple of years, but the singer (Seth Gilbert, who was the lead singer of the band Seven Places if you want to check them out) ended up moving to Washington, so they sort of disbanded. They made a couple of different albums, though. You might want to try emailing Applegate -- they might be able to send you something, I'm not sure. But in any case, Psalms Project is really good! :)

you're adorable and inspiring and your blog is beautiful because it's so unique and you're unique and it seems so candid and transparent and so do you and i'm confident we'd be friends if we met ever.
that is all.