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stu/dying/. {Vol. I}


For those who need to concentrate on those exams or just want some chill background sounds.

Hans Zimmer // Howard Shore // Alexandre Desplat // + more!

✶ Check out Vol. II here: http://8tracks.com/hannahder/stu-dying-vol-ii

***UPDATE: because 8tracks changed some features, some songs are missing :\\\ ***

24 tracks
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I have listened too many studying mixes; but I think this is the best one on 8tracks. Chilling, relaxing but also epic; it does not make you take a nap while listening; and makes you focus to the subject. Thank you very much for this fantastic mix!

Hey, this playlist was really helpful! Is it alright if I post a link to this on my tumblr blog? I will give credit to you, and make it clear that you made it. Or have you maybe already posted it on tumblr, if so, post a link and I'll reblog it :-) Thank you!