Is this playlist safe for work?

Hey! You have some finals/midterms to study for...


This is my no-messing-around playlist. It's NOT completely instrumental, though there are some instrumental tracks. Some acoustic, some with a bit of a beat (to keep you going), some completely instrumental. It's over 9 hours long, over 150 songs. Some of the artists have been included in other playlists of mine. LIke Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Ben Kweller, and Beirut. It's a mix and it's shuffled, so you can always come back to it.
Get to work, motherfucker.

148 tracks
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Thank you so much for this mix! I'm sitting in a Barnes & Noble cafe at the moment listening to this mix and trying to finish 3 final essays before tomorrow night!

This mix is amazing... I feel both illiterate for not knowing 90% of the artists on this playlist, and at the same time giddy and excited about discovering new music. It's like a breath of fresh air... Perfect for a slow day at work. Thanks! :)