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an intimacy never recovered


"they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered." - f. scott fitzgerald.

for quiet entanglements the mongoose and lion may never fully escape; they'll always be tied together in some way. sometimes, when either of them pulls too hard, it hurts somewhere in their chest. for sticky nights brashly highlighted by faint starlight, for the unbearable day when they both know how this story will end.

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Absolutely delicious music; your choices work amazingly for conjuring up the perfect image. And Ludovico Einaudi? Amazing. A very well made playlist.

Oh my gosh, you also included Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights! My favourite song. This is rapidly becoming my favourite playlist, lol

So bc your list started with my homeboy Vivaldi, and the description started with a Fitzgerald quote this was oretty much an insta-love. Absolutely amazing job!