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Macabre Doll


A mix for the house in your nightmares. Enter. This playlist will not only provide chills, it will enrich your understanding of the people who lived there long ago when the paint smelled fresh and china dolls were clutched in the palms of a child.

  • The Sick Doll by kjlwv
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchikovsky
  • Flat minor, Op. 9, No. 1 by Chopin: Nocturne in B
  • Glass by Bat for Lashes
  • Симфоническая поэма "Пляска смерти" by Камилъ Сен-Сане
  • Stand By Me by Mona (ft. Haunt)
  • Not Drowning But Waving by younganimals
  • Lament by Balmorhea
  • Life Within by JMendezMusic
  • ARVO PART by Arvo Pärt
  • Scary Horror Piano Music (Creepy Instrumental Music) by Darkness
  • The rains of Castamere (Sigur Rós) by Carlos Marín
  • Numb by Marius Furche
12 tracks