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a brand new hope - a star wars au


a music companion to my fan fic a brand new hope which is a reimagining of a new hope with Leia as the chosen one.

Summary: Leia Skywalker has spent her life under the care of her Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, and is betrothed to one of Jabba Hutt's Smuggler Lackies. However her life is flipped upside down when on the night her marriage plans were going to be finalized, her Uncle purchases two droids one of which contains a distress call from a mysterious stranger, that sends her and her husband to be Han Solo on a wild journey Leia never thought she'd ever embark on.

fan fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5784070
track mix: http://melindamaay.co.vu/post/144310449638/official-soundtrack-to-a-brand-new-hope-listen

11 tracks