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Caps, Ammo, and an Open Road


MacCready playlist! I saw someone give MacCready a theme song, so I got inspired to make a whole playlist. I will be adding more songs since I have a CD full of rock songs, but I can't download any of it since some designer thought it would be smart to take out CD drives on laptops.

Anyway, an assortment of rock songs that I think is appropriate for everyone's favorite trash dad!

The photo is by Shutterfoo
and the cosplayer is Hans Cosplay

14 tracks
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Great mix! I'd have never thought of Pumped Up Kicks for MacCready, but now that I've given it a listen with him in mind, it's kind of /perfect/. And I feel you on hating the new trend of not putting CD drives in laptops; it took me an insanely long time to find one that did have a drive in it, and the whole while I was internally cursing out whichever designer thought it was a smart idea.

@Lady Koschei I'll probably go and find an external one =_= I have so much music on cds that I can't transfer onto my iTunes. And Thank you! Even in the song it starts off with "Roberts got a quick hand" and his first name is Robert xD It fits him so well haha