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walking disasters


"you are my best friend in the world. and i hope that you know, when we hang out together, it's freakin' awesome."

my best friend's 20th birthday was yesterday, so i figured it was high time to make her another mix cd! this is for abby, whom i love v much. she is the bloo to my mac, the kyle to my stan, the jughead to my archie- however you wanna say it. this is dedicated to our best friendship, and the adventures yet to come.
(this mix gets more and more ridiculous as it progresses, ha!)

Tracklist: https://twitter.com/HapDagger/status/851562332715180034
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/hapdagger/playlist/5NheXtdGIsHAtCWBaZx5Fd

20 tracks
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