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Jung Hoseok at Hogwarts [First Year]


A list of things could be etched deep into a piece of paper with a quill and easily describe a young boy Jung Hoseok " Curious" "Joyous" " Courageous" but Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw nor Hufflepuff was never one of the titles he thought he'd ever posses or be on the list of his, mainly because Hoseok is Muggle-born what do muggles need worry themselves with Wizards and Witches. So what house does Jung Hoseok find himself falling into you ask ? You choose or check out my Jhope Hogwarts One Shot coming soon (there will be a link here)

Inspired by:
Harry Potter
Jhopes Harry Potter Concept
My One Shot

Study hard OWLS are upon us.

9 tracks
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