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i OWN you- A Ruvik and Joseph Mix


A mix for Ruvik and Poor Little Joseph...

"I don't think you can handle what I'm going to make you do..."

For a friend <3
(8tracks is also being a butt with some songs :[ the Depeche Mode song IS NOT supposed to be the live verson :[ )

18 tracks
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I can't for the life of me find that second song anywhere, where can I buy it? I even googled the lyrics, is Birgit really the name of the artist?

@Foggypebble OKAY SO.............I originally got this song off of a homestuck fanmix that I'd downloaded ages ago, and I was worried that I'd uploaded soemthing with the wrong artist.But after digging, I can say the artist IS Brigit. The album the song is off is called "Few Like Me" , and as far as I know, is not on iTunes. I'm not too sure what to tell you...I don't have a link to the mix anymore, and unless you can dig it up a download elsewhere...

@HappyLeech Thank you! After looking everywhere I found the album listed on discogs and a vendor was selling it cheaply so I bought it.