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12:00am // sounds like candy and hugs.

  • Sofa (shortminthair Remix) by mus.hiba
  • Candy Flavored Lips (bo en イパネマREMIX) by Spazzkid
  • In The Afternoon(ft. SeiunGirl) by ULZZANG PISTOL
  • Lovers by Spazzkid
  • Tumblr Girl (YYIOY Remix) Free download via Earmilk by Pixelord
  • Hello by Giraffage
  • Secret Love 」 by 「Ulzzang Pistol
  • Magical Spells by Kai Takahashi
  • pastel by attic note
  • Home by Giraffage
10 tracks
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love this playlist! btw would the songs on here be considered chillwave/vaporwave? i'm just getting into those two genres and was wondering if these songs would qualify. haha sorry if this is a weird question!

@Fuura those questions aren't weird at all! a few of these songs (especially the giraffage) ones could fit under chillwave, definitely. chillwave and dreampop is the dominance in this mix. :) as far as vaporwave goes, some of these tracks come close but don't fit the genre label. vaporwave is mostly disco/funk influenced; some vwave is more elevator music influenced though. if you're just getting into vaporwave, i HIGHLY suggest looking at the artziemusic channel on youtube. it's great. btw thank you for liking my playlist!

@hardlyanywhere thank you so much for the information! i guess i really like vaporwave, chillwave and dreampop then! thank you for the recommendation!!