Deepening the study of gender, expansion of problems,
its diversity raises the question of the name of science and discipline in high SCHOOL. Experts on gender are actively debating the term, which is as soon as possible corresponds to the essence and
semantic science and discipline of gender (which is characteristic
for the period of formation of any scientific knowledge and their study
in higher education.) This search and the ideas of individual authors show,
that the name "gender studies" reduces them to a kind of process
or the results of academic heritage, to some extent ignoring the integrity of the accumulated social and humanitarian science.
In modern conditions, systematic studies of gender are called differently. In addition to the well-established name, "gender studies", 20 Fundamentals of gender theory
there are other "genderedness" “ "genderology" “ "Energetika". We will reveal the content of the proposed.
Ендenderoznavstvo is defined as a system of knowledge about the social status of women and men, their relationship as directly in the process of self-organization and self-management of their own lives,
and through public and state structures, which due to the historically specific mode of production and way
production of social and individual life.
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