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Something more UPbeat i.e. mashups, remixes and the ol' indiePOP/roCK


20 songs to lift yer mood, maybe... Featuring remixes of the Chili Peps and the Beatles, some Lenka, some Tegan and Sara, E-Dubble and more... Mostly random shite. And some Joe Rogan mindrape as an encore.

  • Red Hot Chilipop (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Lil Wayne and Kanye West) by White Noise
  • We Were Wild by TodaytheMoon
  • It by Rich Aucoin
  • Fight To Keep by Monsters Calling Home
  • Royal T by Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy
  • The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi by The Science In Denial
  • 03 Cut Me Off by dfmedia
7 tracks
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