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Free your mind


A city set on a hill cannot be hidden - unleash the power of your mind with this mix of inspirational speeches set to soothing music. I promise you'll see the world differently 80 minutes from now ❤

Featuring an amazing mashup by @AWakingDream

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For really hunkering down and accomplishing something this isn't the right playlist. There are way too many vocals that your limbic system makes you pay attention too butchering any train of though. If you're looking to end procrastination and start hunkering then this is the playlist for you! To make this perfect it needs 50-70% less vocals. All that being said thanks to the maker!!

@798595496 Yeah it's more of a playlist to get you back on track! I appreciate the thoughtful feedback though. I do also have a collection of purely instrumental mixes for being productive in the collection titled "Study." Lemme know what you think!

Love this!!! This, everything . . . . . is exactly what I believe and agree to. I am really glad we both have the same belief system. You are awesome. Great music, great mix. Just Excellent...... :)

@anon-100005253151972 No, YOU are awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to listen and comment. Very happy to hear you enjoyed the music, and always grateful for your support! <3