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Harmonious Hundred - Hypnotic


Part 3 of the 100th mix is here, bringing you one hour of smooth hip hop vibes for your bedroom.

100th mix series:

Much love to all those that have kept up with the playlists. This one's for you, and for any new listeners, hope you enjoy what you hear!

Here's the full bedroom collection if you want to keep the vibes flowing:

9 tracks
6 comments on Harmonious Hundred - Hypnotic

Ahhhhh. So. good. I know, I'm way late, but I made it! Wishing you all of the congratulations!! You've worked so hard to craft incredible mixes. And it shows, we all love them! Thank you so much for sharing your light with us, you've touched so many lives and made them brighter. I appreciate the all of beauty you contribute the world. (Lol and yes of course I couldn't help but to start here x) I'm usually aware of when I'm smiling, but never with your bedroom selection. This one felt like coming home. Was it fun to go through and make your picks? Anything you do is always fun to listen to, there's an extra happy heel click here because of your milestone accomplishment! Congratulations again ^_^)

@TheFlower That's totally fine! Really good to hear from you (as always). Thank you so much for your thoughtful words; I always appreciate the support. It was quite the challenge to keep the mix short and make it flow, so any suggestions you might have would be welcome. I'm working on a surprise to end off the series. It will take some time but I hope it will be worth it when I am done.

@HarmonicVibration Of course, it's obvious as to how much time, effort, and love go into your playlists. I think you overcame the challenge masterfully. It flowed nicely, everyone sounded like they belong there. Oh my I will be sitting very tightly in anticipation for the surprise then! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. (Hm, why isn't it ever: "Oh girl oh girl oh girl" ?)

@TheFlower I was going through all my playlists and thinking "Oooh gotta have this track, and this one. Damn it why can't I use them all!" The new dubstep one I put up ended up being longer than I intended but I'm happy with the result. Lol because we live in a patriarchal society that has shunned its true nature in favor of something more muted? If people said oh girl a bunch of times they'd be publicly shamed and probably slapped haha.

@HarmonicVibration Yeouch, I can only imagine the struggle. You made great choices as usual though x) Hm, you've poked my curiosity, I will scooch over to that playlist after listening to this one one more time ^^ Good point about "oh girl" ... Oh person oh person oh person! (Gender neutrality ftw?)