30 comments on Home Stretch by HarmonicVibration

I have listened to this every day for two weeks, pretty sure its been my saving grace. I will probably continue to listen to it every day for the next three weeks. GREAT mix!

I favourited this halfway through the first song :p love the playlist (perfect for working) and the picture (creative!) :) keep up the great work!!!

@Hush puppy Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Happy to hear you enjoyed the mix. There's a whole study collection on my page built just for you to get work done

@HarmonicVibration once again, there is beauty everywhere in your playlists. Thank you for that inspiring in-track rain of ideas.. Consider me a friend that doesn't know you :)

Harmonic, i just posted a new playlist, you might be interested in it :) have a listen if you get a chance bro! PS... Check out Cinema (hes in my playlist), he's one of my friends from home, I'm sure he would appreciate it if you put one of his tracks into one of your upcoming playlists :) Cheers bro

@lambo067 I will give it a full listen at some point this week. Trying to wrap up a couple of projects I've been working on. But I do like his Horizon track! I'll find a place for it where it fits :)

@HarmonicVibration are you serious?! That's amazing, absolutely love that track, you are so luckily you got to name one of their tracks! :) Do they have a youtube page? we've got a new youtube page for our yewty music blog, would love to upload it there!