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I should be studying


Here's something beautiful to help you deal with the back to school blues; 2 hours of chilled out instrumentals with jazzy and electronic vibes sprinkled in.

Oh and DON'T check out this collection. It sucks:

27 tracks
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Listened to all 6 others on your playlist dozens of times each. Just discovered this and got soooo stoked. Harmonic you make the best playlists without a doubt. This flows so damn well I'm loving it.

Oh man has it been a while! I clicked this mix as it summarizes this very moment quite accurately. The jazz had me feeling like classiest person ever! I thought, "Where is my beret and coffee and fancy bistro?!" Absolutely loved the electronic, you just fall right in to it and don't want to get up. So well done. I always feel like congratulating you for any playlist I hear of yours.

@TheFlower It definitely has! Welcome back! There are a few jazzy playlists you missed out on, but you can thank @impossible.soul for the inspiration to create those. Thanks again for all the love <3

Where did you find that Gif? It's awesome and I want to use for my Tumblr. Please link it. Awesome play list too. Very great selection of tunes.

@Lei Majorz if you hover over the image, you can see the expand icon.. the one with + sign.. click on that and you can get the image