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Open your third eye


Set an intention, press play, and let the music guide you through your practice. This mix starts off with some instrumental music, followed by vocals for the juicy part of your practice, and then brings you back down in time for a shavasana that will help you reconnect to the cosmic consciousness ❤

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@deedeethedee I sure did! I have 3 mixes that I made after returning, featuring music from The Grove, Village, and Fractal Forest stages. They're in the Shambhala collection on my page. Let me know what you think; would love to hear your feedback!

oh, such a perfect playlist! i was looking for something like this for joga practice and just for my soul. and finally i've found it. thank you soooo much!

@anon-100001471120558 Thank you for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. Very happy to hear you enjoyed it! I've got 2 more similar mixes in the Yoga collection on my page. Hope you enjoy those ones as well!

this is such a great playlist. I search for chill mixes when I get high and do yoga. this is my favorite of the week!

@SMUJ That's awesome! glad to hear you enjoyed it & thank you for the kind words! I've got 2 other yoga playlists in the collection with similar music. Maybe you can check them out next week & let me know what you think!