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The future is now

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One hour of hand-picked perfection. Includes new music by Galantis, Flosstradamus, BANKS, Hippie Sabotage, ZHU, and more!

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  • You Haunt Me (SoySauce Edition) by Sir Sly
  • Xenogenesis by TheFatRat
  • Drowning (Yung Heat Flip) by Banks X Lido
  • Slip – Hippie Sabotage Remix by Elliot Moss
  • Gun (sutrose Remix) by CHVRCHES
  • Say My Name (Gonzo Lechat Remix) by Destiny's Child
  • God's Whisper (Flosstradamus & Aryay Remix) by Raury
  • Finding Paradise [Free Download] by MYSTIQVE
8 tracks
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I clicked on this mainly because I wanted to see the animation :) I tried out the playlist, but unfortunately I'm not a fan of electronic dance music.

@kimberly.rose That's totally ok! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I can totally respect that. I have lots of indie and instrumental/study playlists on my page as well that might be more to your liking. Let me know what you think if you get around to listening and have a great day!