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Exhale: 2012 Israeli Harp Contest


This mix represents just a smattering of what harpists from all over the world must prepare to perform during the 2012 18th international Harp Contest in Israel. Begun in 1959, this prestigious competition was the first ever held solely for harp. Every three years, the required repertoire is a test to a harpist's performance skills and interpretation with a total of 12 works to be judged. Grand prizes include a Lyon & Healy gold harp. Best of Luck! Cover Art; Jenny by Israeli artist,Tali Tosya

8 tracks
2 comments on Exhale: 2012 Israeli Harp Contest

Absolutely stunning. Great background music for when I need to concentrate on a task & lyrics will disturb me. Harp is one of my favorite instruments & I never seem to get enough. Many thanks!!!

Thank you for your reply, very happy to hear you enjoy this mix AND that harp is your favorite instrument - best of luck with all your tasks!