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How I Met Your Mother: A Vampire Romance


HIM was content to live eternity alone. After all, that was the way of things for his kind – until he met HER. She was ready for a change of pace, and there was a mysterious magic about HIM that both frightened and captivated HER. Together they could traverse worlds neither thought was possible, but something was in their way – a dark secret, and THE EX who tried his damnedest to drive a wedge between, and through, them. (Musical Novella)

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1. THE EX warned HER about HIM. (Fright Night)
2. HIM met HER (Fresh Blood)
3. and they dated. (Spooky)
4. HIM revealed his secret. (Blah Blah Blah)
5. HER freaked out and ran (Drunken Moonlight Chase)
6. but HIM chased HER (Nosferatu)
7. and turned HER into a Vampire. (Bloodletting)
8. THE EX found out and tried to take HER away, (Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing)
9. so she attacked him. (Vampyre Erotica)
10. Then HIM showed up and a fight for HER ensued. (Love Bites)
11. THE EX ran for his life right into The Den of Concubines, and narrowly escaped. (Transylvanian Concubine)
12. Meanwhile, alone again, HIM invited HER back to his place. (Vampires)
13. Things started to get serious between them, (Go Out and Love Someone)
14. and they fell deeper in love. (Blue Veins)
15. THE EX came back to kill them in their sleep, but failed. (This is a love story, after all). (Satin In a Coffin)
16. HIM and HER got married (Dracula's Wedding)
17. and have lived happily together ever since (Love You 'Till the End)
18. while THE EX has been held captive in The Den of Concubines. (Dracula)

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