Is this playlist safe for work?
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finally someone who understands my music taste omg haha this makes me so happy and this playlist is da bomb!!! i cant stop commenting lmao im sorry hahah <33

@sourcandyyy i love listening to these songs when i'm going to sleep they're all so good and i'm glad you like it so much that you commented twice i'm really glad!!!! :-))))

@zeroed hahaha slow songs are the way to go when i'm not doing anything like now hihi ♡ ah youre welcome and thank u again for sharing hahah im looking forward to a part 2 of this if youre making one or other genre really ^^

ahhh i really love all of the songs in here! its like my favorite songs compiled into a playlist!!! ; u ; i guess im not alone on still not knowing what genres these songs belong to but are still great ahahah thanks for sharing this! ♡

@sourcandyyy i originally was going for a soft rnb playlist but then it kind of spiralled into just quiet songs and became this and i love all the non rnb songs too much to not add them, thank you!!!!! :^)

@zeroed omg you should really make a soft rnb one too if u have time ;A; i'm also so bad at sticking to just a genre or two when i'm making a playlist, i feel guilty when i dont add the ones that i love so much hahahah i've been browsing a lot and i couldnt find one that i dont skip so much, but this ahhh i love all of them hehe :3