Harry Palmer
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The Secret Word is "Fun"


"This mix is a loner, Dotty... a rebel" Music inspired by the nutty, strange and utterly charming Pee Wee Herman. From stolen bikes, secret words, toy chests, magic screens and snacks to dinosaurs, cowboys, Hypno-glasses and Mr Bungle. Enter the Playhouse.

15 tracks
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Would love a tracklist, this is a favorite mix and I'm having trouble since 8tracks limited the streaming to subscribers

@EvanOD The Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman- Album: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
The Model by Kraftwerk - Album: The Man Machine
Tidings of Comfort by Comfort Stand Recordings
Mexico by Carlos Ramirez - Album: The Three Caballeros
Party Out Of Bounds by The B-52's - Album: Wild Planet
cha l'ectro cha cha by Martinibomb - Album: The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb SPLIT! EP
Burner's Tune by The Woohoo Revue - Album: Dear Animals,
Walter Westinghouse by The Residents - Album: Residue Of The Residents
Rubber Uke by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Album: Rubber Uke
The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) by Kuricorder Quartet - Album: Meet the Kuricorder Quartet
Istanbul by The Halibuts - Album: Life On The Bottom
Fourth Dimension by Devo - Album: E-Z Listening Disc
Mr. Bear Hug by Tandy Love - Album: Turk Jerk (Anatolian Anagrams) LP
Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head (live) by They Might Be Giants - Album: First Album Live
Volare Pee Wee by John Paragon - Album: The Pee Wee Herman Show (1981)