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Mrs. B soundtrack of TKAMB

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well i had an English assignment having to do with To Kill a Mocking Bird. if you want to listen go straight ahead...

1. main song of TKAMB
2. for Boo Radley
3. for Tom
4. for Calpurnia
5. for Dill
6. for Atticus
7. for Scout
8. for Mayella Ewell
9. for Jem Finch
10. for Heck Tate

  • To Kill A Mocking Bird by Opening Scene
  • Rootless by Marina and The Diamonds
  • Gary Jules/Falling Awake by Rocio Molar
  • 01 Child of the Valley by thewoodensky
  • We're Gonna Be Friends (White Stripes Cover) by DmitriHunt
  • Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine
  • Dog Days Are Over (lyrics) by Florence and the Machine
  • Mad World (Alex Parks Cover) by HollyJoyMusic
  • Where Is the Love by The Black Eyed Peas
  • Eye of the Tiger by The Band
10 tracks