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here's to never growing up!


Happy Birthday to my main bitch, my best friend and the best person I know! I love you to pieces and I hope you have an amazing day, just as wonderful as you ♥

So here's a mix of songs that remind me of us and you, and some songs I know you like so yeah, I hope you like it <3

p.s.: read the notes on every tune you lazy ass.

p.s. (2): está todo en inglés porque así pintó, perdoname si no me entendés ok ily

  • Bad Girls by M.I.A.
    'live fast die young bad girls do it well' yeah right, we're good girls so this one is a joke lol (ur not funny loser shut up)
  • Stand Down by Little Mix #Salute
    basically dont take shit from anyone and know that im always here for you in case we need to kick some asses (tho i cant really help bc im weak af but hey at least ill try!)
  • Pursuit of Happines by Angel Wordly
    ok this is an amazing song and i love it bc party yay!! but basically remember that everythings gonna be alright and just live the moment
  • YouTube by Bruno Mars
    don't listen any opinion, you're amazing just the way you are. and how you see yourself it's what matters.
  • Two Worlds Collide by Demi lovato
    i love this song bc it just sums up everything. i was really alone when we became friends and it was really wonderful and i was so happy i finally had an amazing and true friend like you who showed me how amazing i really was. i hope you feel the same. i almost cried.
  • One Direction ((cumbia)) by One Way Or Another
  • The rembrandts by The Rembrandts
    the whole point of this mix: no matter how bad things get, i'll be there for you
  • BRANDON-AND-LEAH-Life-Happens by gesink31
    this songs is amazing. i've found it in a makeup tutorial (lol) and since then, it's one of my faves. it's so amazing and it never fails to make me smile, i hope it makes you smile too. and life happens.
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