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dig.ita.L me.Lan.cho.Ly


Digital and dark with something sad about them. Sounds that make me wanna close the curtains, dim the lights and curl up in my big ol' velvet armchair.
Seventeen tracks including music by Amon Tobin, Arovane, and Bichi.

17 tracks
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I am discovering new sensations thanks to your mix. Yes, I see the darkness you talk about but also an intention to open the blinds, a glimmer of optimism among the nostalgia.Thanx!

That's so cool. U see something in this music that others rarely do, and I totally agree. Most of the songs got something in them that lift them up. Sometimes in the underlying melody, sometimes in the choice of instrument and other things. I'm glad this otherwise dark music could shine a little light for you... Thanks for the comment.

I love this playlist. It's the first digital playlist I've found that I'm able to zone out and do work to. Also I love the Companion Cube. :)

Hey thanxx for the comment, which I haven't had too many of... Nice to hear you enjoyed it! U should check out xploding plastix if u don't already know them. cheers!