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the most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.

this is for you, gabi. hope you smile while listens to this.

19 tracks
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oh my god!!!! this is the most amazing playlist ever and can make any day better<3 thanks sooo muchhh :))

@luminisvnt oh my god!!!!! you are the most amazing human being ever and made my day better!!! <3 thank YOUUUUUUU so muchhhhhh :)) xx lots of love

In the two weeks I've known about this play list, it's gone from gold to platinum. That is awesome. This is fantastic. I've found the perfect thing to wake my sister up for a road-trip after a late night on tumblr... :)

@miapaco88-819 I'm literally in tears. I'm so proud of this playlist and I'm glad to know that I did something that helped you, and words can not describe my happiness when I read your comment. I'm FULLY GRATEFUL to you. thank you so, so, so much. This comment made my day, and probably my week. I wish you a great trip, and if you can, pass me your tumblr! thank you, really. <3 xx all the love