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Conquest of Spaces

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@0 Romanova in the beginning- the toxic avenger, conquest of spaces-woodkid, grey veils-chainless, run-awolnation, destruction-joywave, hoax(end titles)-cyesm, throne-bring me the horizon, apathy-shlomo, stonefist-health, dull blade-klippa, can you feel my heart-bring me the horizon, shock doctrine (perturbator remix)- reznyck, filth and squalor- the dear hunter, annihilation- a perfect circle. hope that helps!

Oh man at least 20 of the listens on here are from me, I listen to it so much. You manage to incorporate the conflict and frustration of his character without taking away from his role as a villain while also maintaining a clear genre/mood that I think fits both setting & character. Plus all of the songs are great on their own (A+ taste)! This is easily the best Kylo playlist on 8tracks -- thank you for putting it together!