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8 Tracks Guaranteed to Make Your Day a Tad Bit More Interesting


Eight significantly different tracks that each feature a life of their own. Out of these eight different artists, three of which are 63 Crayons, The Glass Heads, and Kevin Ayers.

8 tracks
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Kevin Ayers is actually my best friend Galen's dad. I always wanted to meet the bloke, but it was never err... convenient. So after some time I started to think that maybe she's shielding him from me because he's a bit of an oddball. Well I guess you don't get to be bass player in Soft Machine unless you're a bit of an oddball.. But I digress... *a lot even!*

Oh. My. Lord. If I knew Kevin's daughter, I would be speechless constantly due to not knowing what to say and how to act, apart from gushing on about how much I love Soft Machine and the bulk of Ayer's solo albums. I'd also probably write tons of fan letters to ask her to hand him, but never having the balls enough to go give them to her. That's a great story though, and how lucky! She must be really great, and I assume that Ayers must be a touch bit odd, or would be rather shy, so I can understand that. I do hope that you still somehow meet him and get along swimmingly!

I have an even cooler story about Galen's aunt Tina.. (Remind me to tell it sometime). Oh and make sure you check out my 'Mix Club' over at Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/groups/eclecticmusicmixclub - I'm sure it's right up your alley! ;)