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Awaiting Halloween


Yes, autumn is my favorite season and Halloween just very well might be my favorite holiday. So therefore I anticipate and celebrate both in full gusto. So this mix goes out to those like me, a mix to prepare for All Hallow's Eve with classic tunes from various horror movie soundtracks, a couple of macabre acoustic numbers and the like. This'll get you in the mood for sure.

16 tracks
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wow, you've got the jill tracy album even! I love that album. I actually got to see her perform the soundtrack live to the movie Nosferatu right before halloween several years ago.

btw, really digging this mix.

Hey thanks! I adore that album too, and most from Tracy too. Oh wow, you're so lucky! One of my ultimate dreams is to see her and the malcontent orchestra performing the soundtrack live with the film playing. Such a wonderful pairing of visuals and sound. Thanks for listening!