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Crappy Movies, but Awesome Soundtracks


A collection of some really interesting and some truly great tracks off of soundtracks that were far superior to the films that they came from. Of course my selection is highly debatable (and I even like some of these films). From blaxploitation, to spaghetti westerns, to hippie-cash ins and the occasional B grade horror film and beyond, here are 22 tracks from the likes of Ennio Morricone, Sun Ra, The Electric Flag and many others.

22 tracks
6 comments on Crappy Movies, but Awesome Soundtracks

Some great gems in this mix! B movies really are great for a laugh or just killing some time and hey, for some great music too!

thanks! haha yeaah B movies are usually a lot of fun thank god, but yeah some of them do have really interesting soundtracks, I might do a part two to this at some point. Thanks for listening!