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[This playlist is included in an 8tracks official collection. Follow @themed-collections to find an amazing selection of Fall songs. Check out Themed Collections in the forums to participate.] Wooly sweaters, dark clouds behind bright colored leaves and chilly, cricket-filled forests abound! My favorite time of year is finally upon us. To help get into the mood, here are some choice cuts by the likes of Meg Baird, Emily Portman, Anne Briggs, etc.

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@unkilted Thanks! Yeah, I agree. Willow's Song is always fantastic. I feel that way with most of The Wicker Man soundtrack. Have you ever heard Tanakh's cover of Gently Johnny?

@Harvestblastsound I hadn't til you mentioned it. Behold the wonders of Youtube - yeah! I like that! Your blogs pretty good too! Some interesting new sounds i hadn't heard on there. Love a new music blog find!

@unkilted Great! I'm glad you like it. I really enjoy that version and I feel that it really captures the mood and spirit of the film (and the entire soundtrack album as well!). Thanks so much, I really appreciate you checking it out! Expect new entries to appear soon :)