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From The Pages of Galactic Zoo Dossier


Plastic Crimewave's completely hand drawn/written underground music zine, GZD, has stood out in my music mag collection in the greatest way possible. Much like the Terrascope, each issue features a free CD full of rare tracks from the furthest reaches of psychedelia, rock, punk, folk, etc that are either contemporary or freshly dug from the depths obscurity. Here are 14 tracks from various different issues of GZD including Ya Ho Wa 13, Ed Askew, The Whatt Four, etc.

13 tracks
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Hey this is zine guy Plastic Crimewave here, I don't mind this stuff being posted, but you got of titles wrong--including how to spell my name--first song is by The Whatt Four, and the song is "Willie Th Pimp" by my band...

Hey sorry about that man, I can honestly say that these two errors weren't there when I put up the mix. Please believe that I have a great respect for the material that I post on here and I spend a good amount of time trying to make sure all of the track information is correct. I've noticed that what seems to be happening lately on 8tracks (or at least with my mixes) is that after some time, the song info becomes distorted or entirely replaced on its own. I'm trying to go through all of my mixes now to fix all of these changes (for instance, I just noticed that a Syd Barrett song on one of my older mixes currently was attributed to "Mandrill"). So thanks for pointing this out, as I hadn't gotten to this mix yet to check for any recent errors (and I only want people to use this mix to go on and discover the artists themselves as well as your zine).