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Laying in a Garden, Looking Up


I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.
David Hobson

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@Harvestblastsound I love the old 60's and 70's psychedelic sound a lot :) this is one of my favorites ! Do you know the band "It's a Beautiful Day?"

@paintedskin That's so great to hear, I definitely do as well and tons of my mixes here have songs with that sound and era. I actually really love It's a Beautiful Day! That debut album is such an underrated classic. I was actually about to comment on your mix, Yellow Paint, in praise for using IABD's "Bulgaria" and also for featuring another favorite band of mine, The Ultimate Spinach!

@Harvestblastsound Wow that's awesome you know those bands ! they have a great sound to them and their presence is just unique ! do you know other bands such as West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band? or Kaleisoscope (British band) ? You may like them !

@paintedskin @paintedskin Oh I really love those groups too, it sounds like we definitely share a bunch of similar tastes in music. Do you know Tomorrow, The Savage Resurrection, or Oriental Sunshine? If not, I have a feeling that you'll adore them.

@paintedskin Oh no worries, yeah I was having issues with my comments on 8tracks too. Please let me know what you think of The Savage Resurrection whenever you listen to them. Also, have you listened much to any recent psych bands?

@paintedskin Gah, sorry for my delay too, my head was on a different Earth for a while. Those groups are really great too. Yeah, I like a ton of the recentish psych bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Night Beats, Moon Duo, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, The Holy Drug Couple, Follakzoid, etc etc. I'd highly recommend any and all of them. These two mixes of mine also has a lot of these guys http://8tracks.com/harvestblastsound/darken-your-eyes-for-me-pt-2-more-modern-acid-rock and v

Hey thanks for the compliment and for listening! I'm glad you enjoyed that track and the mix, you should look into the rest of Mark Fry's album, the entire record shines with the same sort of beauty :)

Julia Dream..I've never heard it before, but I am so glad I have now. Amazing song. Actually the whole mix is brilliant, really makes me feel like I'm in a garden, my vision slightly clouded by floating pollen.

Oh wow, that's so cool! Thank you, I'm really glad that you liked both the song and the mix so much and that it accomplished what it was meant to do :)