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Don't Ask Why

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@hashleycrashley That would be awesome. Should I text you? And this playlist isn't bad at all, I enjoyed it. ;-)

Hey It was nice to hear from you, even if it was just through awesome music. Lol I hope you and Arya are doing well. And I hope I didn't cross the line sending you this. I just hope we can be friends again and maybe get some coffee and catch up. I'm not looking for any answers about what happened, I just wanna be your friend again.

@VeloLife @VeloLife I haven't been on here in a while. You didn't cross a line. I'm the one who made a stupid playlist instead of just saying something. I really miss having you as a friend and if you'd like to talk I'm definitely ok with that. Also, I would have made this way better but I have a new computer with no music so I could only use songs I had already uploaded on here :-P