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It's been a long time

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Definitely one of my absolute fave Baccano! mixes. It's pretty special in that it's not trying to replicate the highly energetic/madcap feel of the series, choosing to focus on its softer, quieter, melancholic, more introspective aspects [which are also true to 'Baccano', especially novels-wise], in addition to fully conveying a highly bittersweet, nostalgic sort of longing for that first half of the 20th century [via songs like 'Beirut' or '1901']. And I'm not sure if it was intentional or not -it probably was, though, considering the level of attentive care that went into this; not to mention the fact that you picked the cover of 'Another Junk Railroad'-, but my Claire/Chane shipper heart was basically both doing cartwheels and melting thanks to songs like 'Lions Roar' and even 'Shuffle'. tl;dr - wonderful, wonderful mix and thank you for sharing it! ^_^

PS [sorry about this!] - it's just hit me that the title might have been a reference to what Claire says to Chane when he sees her again at Graham's warehouse. I've just finished vol. 9 of the novels, so I haven't gotten there yet, and in the anime the dub phrased it a bit differently, which is why it took me this long to realise that, lol. *doh!* In any case- this just makes me love the mix even more, tbh :D