Is this playlist safe for work?



no offense but i'm going to scream lol this playlist took 2 hours to make, it was originally about 26 songs and then i was like, "that's not enough", so i went through my entire itunes and added more and i just got flat out tired around 50 so i finished up and here's the final product...

i'm planning on adding more songs as more groups/artists release new music :~)

uhhmmmm what else...

i tried to keep the music really balanced with male/female vocals but as you can see, i just gave up (abt 30 tracks in i was just "fuck it i got other stuff to do" if u couldn't tell)

i hope u enjoy this playlist!!!! it's just stuff i get summer vibes from, and stuff i'd listen to in the summer. it's already warm here and i'm already planning more >:)

cover photo by carl wong (carl21 on flickr!)

67 tracks
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