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D E S P E R A D O;


--a desperate or reckless person, especially a criminal.
synonyms: bandit, outlaw, lawbreaker, renegade.

a ryder & reyes vidal fanmix.

[ the usual platitudes (stay safe, be careful) hold no meaning to them, not in their lines of work. there's always that risk of injury, even death. it's the least they can do to not hurt each other.

instead, they share a breathy "call me later," wrapped up in tangled sheets. "give 'em hell," whispered at the end of another slow dance.

and above all else, always unsaid; "come back to me."

"just let me know you're alive." ]

track list + playmoss link; http://kith-kanan.tumblr.com/post/159097494528/desperado-a-reyes-vidal-x-ryder-fanmix

15 tracks
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