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i wish i could hate you


"Goodnight dear. If you were in my bed it might be the back of your head I was touching, where the hair is short, or it might be up in the front where it makes little caves above your head. But wherever it was, it would be the sweetest place, the sweetest place."
- Zelda Fitzgerald

[ a mix for foolish boys lost in war . lost in love . forgetting if it's their blood or the other's staining their lips ]

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I love this so so sooooo much and I love you so so soooo much. I'm writing a story about two men in love during world war 2 and this worked so well as a soundtrack to my writing.

@largesobbingacrobat hey omg !! thank you so much for listening and commenting, this means a whole lot to me. i'm glad i could have helped your creative process out, even if only a little, and i'd be super interested in the progress of your story too, so if you have a blog or anything like that, hit me up !!