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✦ let's have a good time ✦


*blows kiss* for the karamatsu girls, boys, & all other lovers~
the boy in blue’s soundtrack to woo, full of some funky beats & sweet jams.

i had way too much fun making this mix.
art credit: http://kawamamilosc.tumblr.com/post/136958784489/i-still-need-to-fix-few-things-but-be-ready-for
tracklist: http://tinyurl.com/jy4kjd9

13 tracks
7 comments on ✦ let's have a good time ✦

This is such an amazing playlist my goodness. As soon as it started with NSP I knew I found a winner, and then I couldn't stop laughing when You Sexy Thing came on. You did such a good job, thank you for this piece of art

@KazeAmaya ahhh thank you! i'm really happy that you like it, thank you for listening~ (and NSP is my shit dude i love them so much)