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Obnoxious '90s Nostalgia Mix - The "As If!" edition ('95-'99)


Part 2 of this bangin' '90s mix.

What with the '90s apparently set to make a comeback, prep yourself for everyone dressing like Cher and Dionne (see pic) and loudly proclaiming that the late-'90s made pop better than we could ever hope to.

So! We got some Alanis, some Britney, some Shania, some Spice Girls, some TLC, some Backstreet, and some Blackstreet too. If it was released from 1995 up to 1999, it's all good.

23 tracks
6 comments on Obnoxious '90s Nostalgia Mix - The "As If!" edition ('95-'99)

I don't know what to think about the fact that I know every obnoxious 90s song on this playlist and just spent the last hour and half singing along to them.