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A Boy and His Mountain

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ok like.., whenevr im sad i just listen to this playlist and it calms me down so much?? and i absolutely love the osts u put in there and aaah i just get such a nostalgic feeling??aa tysm for this playlist i seriously love it so so much jfdkjfkg

there are already tears in my eyes and I'm not even halfway through. I don't know, maybe it's the fact that it's four in the morning but god, it's so easy to forget that Gon is just a little kid who loves animals and playing outside and exploring really gets me. knowing all he goes through and that that innocence and passion is so much harder to attain now /hurts/ me. I dunno, you just really captured his whole essence in this fanmix. it's honestly so good.

@corvideas oh my gosh you have no idea how much that means to me thank you thank you. thats the best thing anyone could tell me. i spend a lot of my time listening to movie soundtracks and the wolf children soundtrack really hit home for me.