Hayden Dalziel
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Hayden Dalziel's Weird Stuff


I've had a lot of music projects in the last few years so I decided to upload a selection of what I think is the best.

Step Reckoner is electronic experimental pop (now free to download on soundcloud!)

Baskervilles is an ongoing art rock band.

Black Hole Satrapy is insanity. Free to download if you dare.

Hayden Dalziel is what i release tracks as when they don't fit into any of the above.

  • Shark Idoliser by Black Hole Satrapy
  • Autumn Leaf by Hayden Dalziel
  • Hidden Track by Hayden Dalziel
  • The Cantrip by Hayden Dalziel
  • Falconeering by Baskervilles
  • Medieval monk voluntarily shattering his own eardrums by Black Hole Satrapy
  • Phase Of The Moon by Hayden Dalziel
  • See the Cat, See the Cradle by Hayden Cooper
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