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❝ i guess i'm just that good ❞

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I hate him and really like him at the same time, is this even possible? Poor guy, he moved to BH searching for a normal life, but all he found was a werewolf bite and huge problems

@nanda06souza first when i haven't seen any scenes with him actually i didn't like him because i thought he will be just a replacement for Isaac or Jackson. But then he appeared on the show and now I just love him because he is so young and adorable and innocent in some way and I can't dislike him :)

@Malia Hale-Tate I really love him too, but I'm also too attached to Stiles and Scott, and I feel their pains while a freshman is beating them really bad. His cute personality, violent and aggressive at the same time is so... OMG. And the fact that he must have had a really tough life, and still so young. I expect amazing things from him.

@nanda06souza I really hope Liam is gonna be their little brother so Scotty finally can be a TRUE alpha.

Liam is short tempered but in my opinion as soon as he finds his anchor he will be okay. And he will be more mature. At least I hope. But on the other side I think he is still a very young kid who wants to prove he changed since he was kicked out from his last school. He wants to be a good child for his parents even if it's kinda hard at his age especially when you're a werewolf :)

@Malia Hale-Tate Yes, it's gonna be an amazing relationship.

I guess he is not just short tempered, I think this is like a real psychological problem, you know? I mean, look what he have done with that teacher's car. If he don't find an anchor soon, I guess it will only grow. And yes, I also think that he is trying to prove himself to his parents and also to himself, that he indeed can control himself. He has lost so much in the past, he wants to make sure it won't happen again.